About Us


Equify Financial was founded in 2011 by Dan and Farris Wilks. As an entrepreneur in 1989, Dan found himself bankrupt. In spite of Dan's reassurances that he could pay off the loan in just 60 days if they gave him a chance, the bank wasn't willing to look beyond their numbers to see the character and unique situation of the people they did business with. Not one to give up easily, Dan got back to work. As he found success with other ventures, he realized that hundreds of business owners were in the same boat Dan found himself in years ago - banks couldn't and wouldn't give them the trust they needed to keep their business strong.

Working with his brother, Farris, and his long-time colleague Pat Hoiby, Dan made it his mission to provide a better way for business owners to improve cash flow, increase operating capital, and weather the rough seasons that every business faces. The realization of this mission is Equify Financial. Operating primarily out of Fort Worth, TX, our team is here to make your business stronger. You're not just a number, your business has potential beyond where it is now, and you deserve to be treated accordingly. We know how hard it can be to get the help you need, because we've been there. Equify Financial is here to give you the faith in your business that you can't get from a bank, no judgment, no empty promises, just good old fashioned lending a hand.