Build your business. Help Your Customer.


Fund deals even when:

  • Your traditional lender is requiring a larger down payment than your buyer is comfortable paying.
  • Your buyer needs a skip-payment-plan because business is slow during the down months.
  • Interest-only payment options work better for your buyer in order to help free-up working capital and cash-flow.

Getting customers financed is no longer an issue because Equify uses the equity in existing equipment to secure financing for the new equipment they need. By providing sensitive rates and flexible terms through Equify financing, you become an invaluable resource for your customers, ultimately building your business. Whatever problems you may be facing with other traditional lenders, our listen-first approach allows us the ability to custom fit any plan to your customer needs. Before you have to say, "No", call Equify.


Let's Fund It.

In order to better serve you, please let us know if you are looking to fund an amount greater than or less than $500,000.

Less than 500k More than 500k

Fund Facts

  • Competitive rates
  • Combination of cash and/or approved collateral can be used as a down payment
  • 24-hour approval time


“Because we are privately owned, we are creative and more flexible than banks when providing finance options for your buyers.” - Pat Hoiby, President