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Equify Values service to others

At Equify Financial, we make giving back to the community a priority. It’s an honor to commit to doing our part to support these impactful service and scholarship organizations.

Brain Treatment Foundation Mobile Logo

Brain Treatment Foundation is dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research, and public education to transform the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury or concussion, children with mild to severe cognitive or neurological disorders, the elderly population dealing with physical and cognitive function decline and members of the military diagnosed with post-traumatic stress or a traumatic brain injury.

Equify values service to those suffering from TBI, PTSD, and other conditions that impact brain health.

Equify values the Brain Treatment Foundation
Equify values Third Option
Third Option Mobile Logo

The Third Option Foundation seeks to provide immediate post-casualty care and resiliency support to members of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations special operations community and their families.

Due to the sensitivity of the operations members of this community carry out, their families are not eligible to seek support from the multitude of existing charities, relief organizations, and government programs that help families of the fallen and wounded warriors from this special community.

The Third Option Foundation fills this gap, and the team at Equify values this organization’s work and the sacrifice of those it serves.

Equipment Finance Care Mobile Logo

Equipment Finance Cares is a passion project of the collective equipment financing industry. The organization provides opportunities for industry leaders and organizations to connect with their peers around professional and philanthropic causes they’re passionate about supporting.

Since its inception in 2021, EF Cares has showcased and held fundraising and awareness events for organizations that work tirelessly to improve lives across the country. As part of living Equify values, our team supports EF Cares initiatives and causes and helps lead the way to redefine the equipment financing industry.

Learn more about the organizations EF Cares supports and the positive impact this organization has on our industry and beyond.

Equify values Equipment Finance Cares
Equify values the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation Scholarship

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation provides up to 10, $5,000 college scholarships each year to students who have expressed an interest in equipment finance. These scholarships aim to support the next generation of professionals in the field by helping them pursue their educational goals.

The Foundation typically offers scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs relevant to the equipment finance industry, such as finance, accounting, economics, business administration, or related fields. Recipients are selected based on criteria such as academic achievement, leadership potential, extracurricular involvement, and a demonstrated interest in the equipment finance industry.

By providing financial support to students pursuing education in this field, the Foundation aims to promote excellence, diversity, and innovation within the equipment finance industry and to support the development of future industry leaders.

Learn More About Equify Values

Service is just one of the core values we live every day at Equify Financial. Our purpose is to redefine financial relationships, and that starts with how we treat our customers, serve each other, and serve our community. Learn more about the values that drive us to be different.