Transportation Equipment Financing

The transportation industry encompasses various modes of transit that are essential for global connectivity and economic prosperity. This includes not only over the road trucking, but also vocational and specialty use trucks that are essential to local and national economies.

Equify Financial is here to help ensure your business remains a vital part of it.

At Equify Financial, we recognize the significance of all types of transportation companies and offer specialized financing solutions to support businesses operating in this dynamic sector.

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Whether you’re a trucking company, specialty transportation provider, or vocational company, our transportation industry financing team is here to help you achieve your goals and deliver top-notch solutions to your clients.

The section below contains the diverse transportation businesses supported by Equify Financial.



Vocational Trucking

Waste Management

Car Hauling

Low Boy Trailers

Roll Off Trailers

Rig Movers

Flat Bed Trailers

Key Reasons for Seeking Transportation Financing

In instances where debt becomes burdensome, Equify Financial offers debt restructuring services to alleviate financial strain and facilitate timely project completion. Our customized repayment plans and negotiated terms aim to ease the burden of outstanding debt, allowing you to focus on your construction goals.

Equipment Acquisition

Transportation businesses require specialized equipment and vehicles to operate effectively. Equify Financial provides funding for equipment purchases, leasing, and modifications, enabling companies to acquire the tools they need to succeed.

Business Expansion

As transportation companies grow, they may need to expand their fleet, infrastructure, and operational capacity. Equify Financial offers financing solutions to support business expansion initiatives, including vehicle acquisitions, facility upgrades, and staffing needs.

Renovations, Repairs, and Replacements

Regular maintenance and repairs are essential for keeping transportation vehicles and equipment in optimal condition. Equify Financial provides funding for renovations, repairs, and replacements, ensuring that transportation businesses can maintain their operational efficiency and safety standards.

Permits and Licensing

Operating a transportation business often requires various permits, licenses, and regulatory approvals. Equify Financial offers financing solutions to cover the costs associated with obtaining permits and licensing, enabling companies to comply with legal requirements and operate lawfully.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Transportation businesses may encounter unexpected expenses related to fuel costs, staff payments, and other operational needs. Equify Financial provides flexible financing options to cover miscellaneous expenses, ensuring that companies can address unforeseen challenges and maintain business continuity.

Why Choose Equify Financial

If you’re a transportation company in need of financial assistance, Equify Financial is here to help. With years of experience in providing financing solutions for transportation businesses, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your industry and look forward to partnering with you.

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