The Top Business Advantages of Commercial Credit Services

Commercial Credit Services from Equify Financial

Building a successful organization requires more than just acquiring assets. True strategic success lies in leveraging those assets to maximize the potential to fuel your business growth. Commercial credit services like a revolving line of credit (also called an equipment revolver) and structured finance options enable you to use the equity in your equipment fleet, giving you working capital to support ongoing business growth.

Secure flexible funding with a credit revolver

A revolving line of credit offers a dynamic solution for maintaining and increasing available cash. Typically, this commercial loan has a term of 48 months, this credit structure enables you to borrow against equipment you already own, using the equity you’ve earned to secure the line of credit. This flexible loan structure strengthens your working capital position while potentially elevating your bonding capacity. Stronger financial statements may reduce your bonding rate.  An equipment revolver could prove very useful if your business relies on trucks, trailers, dozers, cranes, or other heavy equipment to complete new jobs and contracts.

Understand the role of a revolving line of credit

For any business facing unforeseen expenses or seeking financial flexibility, a revolving line of credit is a lifeline. To bridge the gap between business expenses and available resources, a revolving line of credit grants access to funds to cover immediate needs, similar to the function of a credit card.

It’s essential to discern between revolving and non-revolving credit lines. While the former allows businesses to utilize credit up to a specified limit, with the option to repay and reuse, non-revolving credit entails a one-time disbursement, often associated with specific purchases like real estate or commercial vehicles.

Be ready to access working Capital, when you need it

In an unpredictable market landscape, a revolving line of credit can empower your business by building adaptability and resilience. When you have access to readily available funds and the flexibility to manage repayments, revolving credit equips you to navigate economic fluctuations effectively.

Revolving lines of credit can be used more than once. Once you repay, you can borrow again. Your payments vary based on the amount of credit used, and your account can remain open indefinitely if you stay in good standing.

Non-revolving lines of credit are for one-time use only. You will receive a credit limit to use. Once you finish repaying the amount borrowed, the account will be permanently closed. This option often has fixed payment schedules you must follow to stay in good standing.

Through the smart use of equity lines of credit, your business can leverage available equity for timely purchases.

Enhance business efficiency with a tailored structured finance solution

Structured finance offers advantages for your business. It helps finance equipment through leasing or specialized financing so you can get the machinery you need to get the job done, and it can free up working capital by allowing you to access equipment and asset equity. Leasing options give you access to the equipment you need without committing to owning equipment long-term.

You can also restructure debt to renegotiate terms or consolidate debt with multiple lenders for better cash flow management. Sometimes, debt restructuring actually lowers the overall debt payment required by the business. Finding structured finance options that fit your business helps maximize operational efficiency by conserving capital, leveraging equipment, and optimizing debt structures to support your growth and profitability in the long run.

Commercial credit services maximize financial efficiency

The versatility of customized financing solutions allows you to align your borrowing as your financial needs change.

Equify Financial creates personal relationships with each business owner. We take the time to assess your business on a unique level to match you with customizable commercial credit services that have the most up-to-date processes to give you the financial solutions you need to grow your business. If you’re looking for personalized options to expand your business and manage cash flow, it’s time to start a conversation with your local Equify representative.