OTR Commercial Truck Financing

Commercial truck and trailer financing can be challenging to find. Equify Financial’s team understands fleet trucking business needs. We work with our customers to find flexible financing solutions, even in challenging times.

Commercial Truck and Trailer Financing That Works for Your Business

Trucking companies sometimes face an uphill battle finding financing options that make sense in a volatile industry. Over-the-road fleets require regular infusions of new Class 8 trucks and specialized trailers, and companies need cash flow to keep those rigs in service. Equify Financial helps business owners find both through smart financing options we customize for each business.

Use these links to find your local Equify Financial field rep and start a conversation about what you need, and when you need it. We’ll find the right solution to help your company keep growing.

Equipment Financing: Purchase or Lease OTR Trucks and Trailers

Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease new and used Class 8 OTR trucks and trailers, Equify Financial’s transportation financing experts can create the right plan for your business.

We want to understand more than the bottom line when it comes to the business you’ve built. Let’s talk about how we can build a financing loan or lease option that works for you.

  • Medium and heavy-duty trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Tanker trailers
  • Flatbeds and step decks
  • Livestock trailers
  • Reefer trailers
  • And more

Equipment Revolver: Get a Line of Credit to Use When You Need It

Your fleet and property have value you can leverage to access operational cash. With an equipment revolver from Equify, you’ll get credit for your asset equity and can borrow against that equity as you need working capital. Equify Financial customizes revolvers for our customers based on a thorough review of standard application metrics, as well as an understanding of your business plan and revenue potential.

As an independent financing company, we have the flexibility to find ways to get you the working capital you need. If a traditional or diminishing revolver is the best option, we’ll create the terms to make it work best for you.

Debt Restructuring:
Reduce and Streamline Loan Payments

Commercial truck financing is rarely a one-and-done proposition for fleet owners. If you’re facing high monthly payments to multiple lenders, talk with the team at Equify Financial to see if debt restructuring is a smart move for your company.

Restructuring your current debt load and consolidating loans can help you simplify, turn multiple loan payments into one, and even reduce the amount you’re paying each month. Your Equify team can also recommend solutions to access your asset equity for operating cash. Let’s talk about how to simplify your debts.

Equify is Redefining Commercial Truck and Trailer Financing

Your business credit score and previous business challenges are only part of your company’s story. Equify offers a new and better way to get the financing you need. Our focus is on helping businesses like yours continue to reach their full potential.

Let’s get to know each other. When you apply for any type of financing through Equify Financial, we’ll reach out and start building a team of experts to support your business. We’re here for OTR truck and trailer financing, and a partnership that can support you through any challenge. Let’s talk.

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