The Ready Mix Contractors’ Guide to Concrete Truck Financing

Concrete Truck Financing from Equify Financial

Concrete truck financing for ready-mix contractors offers the ability to scale deliveries to meet growing demand. In 2024, the ready-mix concrete market revenue value in the United States reached $41.5 Billion. That’s more than enough opportunity for concrete delivery businesses to grow, and Equify is committed to providing equipment financing solutions tailored for ready-mix contractors.

Here are some insights into the ready-mix concrete business and the benefits of independent equipment financing options.

The Advantages of Offering Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Construction companies choose to order ready-mix concrete to deliver a better build for their clients:

  • High quality. Ready-mix concrete can be formulated to meet each project’s technical specifications, ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Scalable production. Off-site mixing allows for the efficient production of large quantities of concrete at optimal times during construction.
  • Low inventory cost. No on-site mixing reduces inventory costs associated with material storage.
  • Less environmental impact. Ready-mix production processes use precise measurements and mixing techniques that minimize waste, promoting sustainability.

Factors Affecting Ready-Mix Concrete Companies

Several factors influence the quality and usability of ready-mix concrete, which can impact a provider’s business revenue:

  • Mix design. Customized mix designs are essential for meeting specific engineering requirements.
  • Careful management of admixtures maintains compatibility and effectiveness.
  • The selection and proportions of aggregates play a crucial role in mix consistency and strength.
  • Time management. Concrete setting and travel time impact usability and durability, requiring careful planning to ensure timely delivery to the job site and into prepared forms.

Ready-mix concrete delivery trucks are specialized to keep the mix workable so contractors can deliver quality concrete that’s ready to pour. Equify is ready to help our customers find the right concrete truck financing solutions to become trusted providers of concrete, a staple of modern building projects.

Equify Offers Concrete Truck Financing and More

Equify offers tailored financing solutions to support ready-mix contractors, including:

  • Direct Financing. We’ll create a financing solution to help you buy the concrete trucks, equipment, and machinery you need for batch mixing and timely delivery. Talk to your Equify representative to see if you qualify for $0 down options for purchasing concrete trucks.
  • Leases provide flexibility and asset purchase options when the lease ends. Our lease terms can be customized to fit your current or projected business needs, and we can work with you to adjust terms if your business needs change during your lease.
  • Rental Purchase Options (RPOs). These are rental agreements where part of your rental payment goes toward the equipment purchase price. At the end of the rental term, you can choose to buy the equipment but don’t have to.

Equify’s financing solutions support your ready-mix company, enabling you to buy or lease concrete trucks and equipment to scale and grow your business. With our expertise and support, your concrete contracting business can thrive in the competitive construction industry. Let’s discuss how we can partner to help you build your success.