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Equify Inaugural Equipment Securitization Milestone: $157.991 Million

Equipment securitization with Equify Financial

Equify Financial successfully closed its inaugural equipment securitization, EQFY 2023-1, with a groundbreaking transaction totaling $157.991 million in large-ticket equipment notes. We orchestrated this achievement in partnership with ATLAS SP Partners, a firm that served as the lead manager and structuring agent. This initial securitization underscores our dedication to delivering efficient financing solutions to our valued customers.

Classifications and Ratings

The equipment securitization process involved the issuance of three distinct classes of notes:

  • Class A (AA rating)
  • Class B (A rating)
  • Class C (BBB rating)

DBRS Morningstar’s favorable ratings, particularly the AA rating awarded to the senior class of notes in EQFY 2023-1, validate the soundness and dependability of our asset-based lending solutions and the industries we support reinforce the trust and confidence given to us by our banking and economic partners.

Insights and Gratitude from Industry Leaders

Thomas Pai, Head of Auto and Equipment Origination at ATLAS SP Partners, expressed optimism about our collaboration. He emphasized the pivotal role of this equipment securitization in facilitating more efficient access to financing mid- and large-ticket equipment through lease agreements and customized structured finance solutions. His optimism aligns with our mission to constantly seek innovative ways to support our customers.

Equify CEO Pat Hoiby expressed his gratitude to our banking and financial partners for their steadfast support, emphasizing the AA rating of our senior tranche bond as evidence of Equify Financial’s collective commitment to upholding financial stability and security standards.

Executive Vice President Kent Hammett viewed this milestone as a catalyst for our ambitious growth plans, affirming Equify’s financial prowess and establishing a robust foundation for future securitizations.

General Counsel Michael Babb extended heartfelt appreciation to every member of the Equify team and our external partners whose tireless efforts contributed to the resounding success of this equipment securitization.

Looking Ahead to Future Equipment Securitization

This milestone highlights the Equify team’s expertise in reshaping financial relationships. It also underscored the importance of our purpose: redefining and building strong relationships with our partners and customers. For a more comprehensive understanding of our securitization, we invite you to explore the announcements on Monitor Daily and ASReport.

As we continue to set big goals and strive to achieve them, our commitment remains unwavering: to deliver unparalleled financial solutions, continuously surpassing the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, alike. Reach out today to speak with your local Equify representative, and let’s talk about the financing you need to fuel your company’s growth.