Equipment Refinance, Restructuring Case Study: San Antonio Construction Company

Liebherr Crane Image

In San Antonio, Texas, one construction company found itself facing a choice: take on massive equipment payment responsibilities, or lose a major bridge construction project. The financial burden of adding essential equipment to their fleet threatened to slow company growth.

The Challenge: Balancing Expansion with Existing Financial Commitments

The company encountered a dilemma when the project required two new 2023 Liebherr LTR1220 Crawler Cranes. Their monthly equipment payment would have totaled approximately $120,000, presenting a significant cash flow strain.

The Solution: A Strategic Financing Partnership

Staying true to its purpose, Equify Financial made it our team’s mission to develop a financing strategy for this customer. Our team understood the urgency and assessed the company’s books to create a customized financial solution.

The Strategy: Equipment Refinancing for Enhanced Cash Flow

The equipment financing experts at Equify proposed a straightforward yet impactful proposal to refinance the company’s existing loans and extend the terms. This plan cut the company’s monthly equipment payment in half, reducing their financial burden to a more manageable $60,000 monthly expense. This adjustment freed up substantial capital within their budget, enabling them to finance the much-needed cranes and get on with the business of growing their company and prospect pipeline.

Though initially skeptical, company leaders embraced our proposition as a win-win scenario. They secured the necessary equipment for the bridge project while saving their cash flow for other growth initiatives.

The Outcome: A Testament to Strategic Financial Planning

With the purchase of the Liebherr Crawler Cranes, the company fulfilled their bridge construction project requirements and safeguarded their financial stability. By halving their monthly equipment payment, Equify solutions empowered them to reinvest capital into their operations, staff, and future projects.

Driving Growth Through Innovation and Commitment

The San Antonio company’s journey is just one example of the transformative power of having a strategic financial planning partner. The Equify Financial team continues to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that enable our customers to capitalize on opportunities without compromising their financial well-being.

As we celebrate this achievement, we continue to redefine financial relationships and serve customers so their businesses can thrive. Every day, we guide customers through the intricacies of structured finance and equip them with the tools they need to realize their growth potential.


Image Credit: Liebherr Crane