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Your Equipment Financing Company: The Equify Difference

Equify is the Equipment Financing Company you want in your corner

Superior customer service is essential for building successful relationships between any equipment financing company and its customers. At Equify Financial, trust is central to our mission to redefine financial relationships.

Here are 10 ways the team at Equify Financial elevates customer service in equipment financing.

1. We understand our customers’ needs

It all starts with listening and applying our knowledge of the industry. We take the time to understand the unique situations each customer is facing. By listening attentively and tailoring solutions accordingly, we create personal relationships that serve as a solid foundation for trust.

2. We believe in clear and transparent communication

Transparency is the key to building a strong relationship. With Equify, you always have direct access to your representative, who will communicate terms, processes, and potential changes. Clarity builds confidence and results in a smoother financing journey for each of our customers.

3. We are responsive and accessible

Equify representatives are there when you need them. Timely responses to queries or concerns demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. We ensure accessibility through various channels, allowing you to reach out via phone, email, or text, depending on what’s most convenient for you.

4. We educate and guide

We empower our customers with knowledge. We will discuss financing options and create a solution for your unique business situation. A well-informed customer can make confident decisions, leading to a smoother financing experience.

5. We offer flexible and adaptable solutions

We understand that circumstances can change and we offer flexible solutions that adapt to your needs or market conditions. Flexibility shows our willingness to support your business growth.

6. We pursue continuous improvement

Every Equify financial team member strives for constant improvement. We encourage customer feedback and act on it. This process strengthens every partnership and demonstrates our commitment to excellence and a positive customer experience.

7. We focus on empathy and relationship building

We pride ourselves on connecting with each customer on a personal level. By taking the time to understand your business challenges and aspirations, we go beyond what a traditional lender or other equipment financing company offers to build genuine relationships. We care about your success.

8. We prioritize challenge resolution and ongoing support

When challenges arise, Equify financing experts tackle them head-on. Customers feel valued when talking to supportive representatives. Standing by our customers during tough times strengthens relationships and builds resilience, allowing your business to overcome challenges and thrive.

9. We’re committed to ongoing training and development

Equify Financial invests in our team members. Every representative has the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service to every customer. Your financing experience matters to us.

10. Equify is an equipment financing company committed to excellence

Exceptional customer service isn’t just a goal; it’s a commitment to exceeding expectations. By focusing on our core values and purpose, Equify Financial elevates our service standards to drive customer satisfaction and business success.

We’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers. While we offer tailored financing solutions, we understand that outstanding support is equally vital in your financing journey. We’re ready to offer your business that support when you need us. Let’s talk.