Case Study: Debt Consolidation Service Transforms a DFW Business

Debt Consolidation Service through Equify Financial

Equify Financial built a long-term relationship of eight years with a construction and ready-mix customer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and helped guide them to sustainable success. 

This customer encountered financial challenges and capital limitations but experienced remarkable growth after taking advantage of debt consolidation service from Equify. This journey highlights the transformative impact of strategic financial solutions on businesses facing adversity.

Initial Challenges

The most recent statistics show that 16 percent of U.S. small to medium businesses carry $250,000 or more in debt. Our customer, working in the construction and ready-mix industry, was on the brink of bankruptcy, grappling with crippling capital restraints. With all assets fully deployed, they didn’t have the liquidity needed to buy additional equipment they needed to fulfill existing and new contracts. That’s when they contacted their local Equify representative.

Collaborative Partnership with Equify Financial

Recognizing the urgent need for financial intervention, Equify Financial partnered with this customer to provide a comprehensive debt consolidation service strategy to address immediate concerns and position the business for future growth. 

Debt Consolidation Service to Meet Cash Flow Goals

Equify Financial took proactive steps to restructure this customer’s debt by negotiating lender terms and refinancing their equipment inventory. 

We worked closely with other lenders to renegotiate terms to align debt with their cash flow objectives. This provided immediate relief and flexibility to manage financial obligations.

This new structure provided the flexibility for Equify Financial to refinance this customer’s equipment inventory to unlock capital previously tied up in existing assets. This infusion of funds was instrumental in acquiring essential equipment to support operations.

Achieving Remarkable Results and Expansion

The collaborative efforts between Equify Financial and our customer yielded transformative outcomes that supported their business expansion. Today, this customer owns and operates four facilities across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a testament to their remarkable turnaround and sustained growth.

Smart Debt Management Helps Build Business Resilience

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of using a debt consolidation strategy to restore your business’s financial health and drive business growth. Equify Financial’s intentional approach empowered this customer to overcome economic challenges and achieve long-term success in the construction and ready-mix industry.

Are you facing financial difficulties or seeking ways to optimize cash flow in your business? Equify Financial specializes in tailored financial solutions to support your growth and resilience. Find your local structured finance representative today to explore how we can help you reach your business goals and keep your business growing.