Case Study: Commercial Credit Management Empowers Business Growth

Commercial credit management through Equify Financial

Equify Financial partnered with a transportation industry customer in Mississippi, successfully using commercial credit management strategies to unlock capital previously tied up in assets. This move allowed the company to expand their fleet and meet rising demand for logistics services.

Challenges Faced by Our Customer

This client faced a common challenge: their capital was tied up in existing assets, making it difficult to access funds for essential equipment purchases. With a surge in demand for logistic services, the client urgently needed to expand their fleet to capitalize on business opportunities.

Implementing Strategies to Achieve Tangible Results

Recognizing this customer’s pressing need for liquidity and equipment financing, Equify Financial provided tailored commercial credit management solutions.

We offered our customer an equipment revolver to address the immediate need for equipment acquisition. This line of credit gave them access to capital as needed, enabling the purchase of two additional trucks before inventory constraints became an issue that would negatively impact their business opportunities.

In addition to the equipment revolver, Equify Financial assisted the client in securing approval to purchase additional trailers. This strategic move was instrumental in meeting the escalating demand for transportation services by boosting their operational capacity and competitiveness in the transportation sector. Making this investment ensured they could capitalize on market opportunities and enhance service.

Looking Toward Future Growth

Today, this customer is experiencing a surge in demand and is actively planning to expand their fleet by adding more equipment. The successful partnership with Equify Financial has positioned them for sustained growth and success in the transportation industry.

This case study exemplifies the power of using commercial credit management strategies to enable business growth and address urgent operational needs. Equify Financial’s tailored solutions empowered our transportation customers to unlock capital, expand their fleet, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Partner with Equify Financial for all Commercial Credit Management Needs

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