Case Study: Custom Equipment Financing Transformed a DFW Energy Business

Custom equipment financing through Equify FInancial

A sizable DFW-based energy customer overcame cash flow constraints and financing hurdles with Equify Financial’s support, ultimately achieving industry leadership and unparalleled growth.

The Bank Said No, But Equify Said Yes

Four years ago, this customer found themselves in a tough spot while struggling to grow in the highly competitive energy sector in DFW. They had limited financing options due to cash flow constraints and couldn’t meet traditional bank requirements. All their working capital was tied up in assets, making it difficult to purchase essential equipment for new contracts.

Recognizing an urgent situation, they connected with Equify Financial seeking innovative solutions. That’s exactly what they got. We understood the need for quick and effective action to enable their business to thrive, and stepped in with our signature comprehensive solutions.

Custom Equipment Financing Solutions Made a Difference

After thoroughly assessing this customer’s business and unique financial needs, their Equify representative expertly created a custom plan that included securing working capital and equipment financing.

We helped our customer establish a beneficial bank relationship that provided much-needed working capital. This quick dose of funds alleviated immediate financial pressures and empowered them to pursue new contracts.

The next step was understanding their critical need for additional equipment. We tailored a custom equipment financing plan to ensure continued operations and support their expansion ambitions.

Achieving Remarkable Results

The collaboration between our customer and the Equify Financial team yielded impressive outcomes. This customer became an industrial leader. Armed with enhanced resources and financial stability, they emerged as a frontrunner in DFW’s competitive energy landscape. Their ability to fulfill contracts and deliver exceptional service propelled their reputation and market standing.

Using their newfound success, our customer strategically acquired one of their competitors. The stability and growth facilitated through effective equipment financing made this strategic move possible.

The Power of Strategic Financing 

This success story underscores the pivotal role of custom equipment financing in fostering business growth and resilience. Equify Financial’s partnership resolved immediate challenges and paved the way for ongoing success.

Are you facing similar financing obstacles in your business? Equify Financial specializes in building relationships that last. We know your industry and will learn your business’s distinct characteristics to create custom financing solutions to help you access essential capital for growth and development. 

Let’s talk. We are ready to explore how we can support your business goals and help you lead the way in your industry.